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From Los Angeles to Calabasas, Burbank to Malibu, everyone knows that when it comes to in-home appliance repairs, the Thermador Professional is the company to call. For over thirty years we’ve been one of the most reliable, highly trained service companies around. Don’t let the stress of a malfunctioning oven, stove or fridge get the best of you. Whether you require stove, refrigerator, dishwasher repairs or dryer and washer maintenance, we’re available seven days a week so that we can ease your stress and get your kitchen to perfect functionality. Don’t let broken down appliances get in the way of your daily routine. Malfunctioning ovens can ruin dinner parties and really put a damper on meals with the family and loved ones. Whatever the problem may be, Thermador Professional Repair is here for you.

We are dedicated to each and every customer. No matter the job, our customers know that they can rely on our quality of work and our know how to get appliances fixed quickly and efficiently. Every one of our technicians is well trained and have years of on the job experience. We want to make it easy on you. Every household should have a service company they can truly rely on. We fill that niche. We want all our customers to feel secure that when they call us, any problem you’re having will be solved. Efficiency is our highest priority. That’s why so many of our customers continue to trust us when it comes to appliance maintenance. Hiring the right service company should be the goal of any household. That’s why it’s important to hire a licensed company that only uses factory-manufactured parts when it comes to replacements. A handyman may be convenient or seem good, but often times they have general knowledge that can’t be applied to the higher-class appliances made by Viking, Sub-Zero or any other bigger brand name manufacturer. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to truly fix all the underlying problems of your appliances.

Different brand name appliances will require different procedures to fix. A general knowledge of ovens or microwaves isn’t enough to fix these devices correctly. And though do-it-yourselfers are admirable, it’s best to let the Thermador Professional deal with problems that have arisen in your Thermador oven, Sub-Zero fridge or any other major brand name device. It’s always best to be prepared. What all of our technicians recommend is for you to read through your owner’s manual. This will give you a general understanding of your device so that you are using everything properly. This will help your avoid causing any unnecessary damage to your machine. This may also give you a better idea of why your device is malfunctioning. Reading the owner’s manual also gives you the kind of information you may have to relate to one of our technicians to ensure we are prepped and ready to assist you. No household should have the stress of broken or malfunctioning ovens, refrigerators or anything in between. That’s why, for thirty years, our customers have relied on Thermador Professional Repair to restore order to their homes.

Thermador Professional Repair: Dishwashers

These days, households rely on their appliances more than ever. That’s why, when one of them breaks down, it disrupts the general routine of your family and can really eat away at your free time. This is most evident when it involves the chore of dish washing. No one wants to spend hours at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, when you could be spending time with your family or watching the game that evening. Don’t get stuck in this situation ever again. You can count on Thermador Professional Repair to be there when you need appliance repairs. We take on the most difficult jobs with confidence and the skill set to fix your dishwasher. You rely so much on your appliances; why not get the best services available. With one simple call you’ll have all the solutions you’ll ever need for Thermador appliance repairs. Broken dishwashers may be a pain, and maintenance daunting, but it’s better than having to replace the entire thing.

There are a number of common problems that occur with dishwashers. There is some information you should be aware of so that you’ll recognize when malfunctions are occurring. Often times the timer will go out on your device. Sometimes the cycles will fail to run correctly, leaving your dishes dirty. Another problem that many people report is a strange smell that can form in your device. Sometimes all you need to do is run the machine with some detergent and no dishes. This should dispose of smell and allow you to clean your utensils reek free. Water can collect on the bottom of the machine, though you may want to let it be. Sometimes this is good. As long as the water isn’t murky and dark then you might want to wait and see how it turns out. Always refer to your owner’s manual so you know what’s going on. Being informed is sometimes enough when it comes to your appliances needing repairs.

We also offer annual check-ups, ensuring that your appliance is in full functioning order and will be reliable for years to come. No one wants a shoddy appliance, so why hire a second rate maintenance company. Our technicians have years of on the job experience so no matter the manufacturing company, you can be sure that dishwasher maintenance performed by the Thermador Professional is dependable. There are plenty of styles and various series of dishwashers, but rest assured, whatever the issue may be we can fix it. If you want your dishes to be spotless and ready to go, then make sure you deal with the up-keep. Sometimes your device needs a few small fixes that can deter the problem from growing. Thermador Professional Repair will perform annual servicing so that you can keep your domestic devices in superb condition. Get the best maintenance available – our technicians are ready and waiting. Call any day of the week so you can get all of your maintenance issues dealt with. We’re here to help.

Thermador Professional Repair Fixing Your Fridge

For reliable appliance repairs available from Los Angeles to Burbank, from Malibu to Pasadena, or anywhere in between, one call to the Thermador Professional Repairs will get you all you need. Fixing your fridge may be one of the most important tasks that can come into a serviceman’s hands. You rely extensively on this domestic device to store and keep your food fresh without worry of spoiled food. This becomes a big concern when your device is malfunctioning and you need refrigerator repairs. It’s a serious risk to your health when your fridge or freezer isn’t working properly. You could easily get sick from spoiled or tainted food. Cross contamination may also occur from poorly kept food. Keep your fridge in full working order and call the Thermador Professional today.

It doesn’t matter the make or model of your fridge; when you need Thermador Professional Repairs, our technicians are there. Whether you have a French door model, an over and under fridge and freezer or freezer drawers, you can be sure that whatever problem you may have, we can take care of it. Our technicians are top of their class with years of on the job experience and the know how to fix your Thermador fridge or any other major brand name appliance. Don’t get caught off guard by a broken fridge. Imagine that you have just finished a meal or are getting up to prepare breakfast in the morning only to find that your fridge won’t keep temperature. In that case you cannot store anything in it. Now you have pounds of spoiled goods that you can do nothing with but toss out. Don’t get caught in this position. There are a number of tips that a person can follow to keep their refrigerator as well as all of their other appliances in full working order.

To begin, it’s important to read the owner’s manual. This may seem like a useless waste of time, but it will provide you with the information you will need to not only run your machine properly, but it can also give you insight about the problems that may or may not be occurring with your device. Refrigerator problems vary in severity. It’s best to realize that all appliances are just machines, and that, even if we forget it sometimes, repairs do become necessary. At one point or another you will require maintenance on your fridge and freezer. There is no reason to wait for this problem to occur. Get annual servicing to keep your devices in tip-top condition. To prevent problems you can also clean your machine.

Keep the inside spotless so there is no possibility of cross contamination or a build-up of molds. The inside of your fridge shouldn’t be any higher than 38 degrees and no lower than 25 degrees. Be aware of icy buildup and clean up messes once they’ve happened. This may help keep your machine running at full strength while avoiding any excess build of dust, grime and other things that interfere with the motor and other parts properly working.

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